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March 27, 2018

We love food. Like seriously, love it. But sometimes we want a little more from dining out than simply meat, veg and some pretty surroundings.On World Theatre Day, we take a look at what makes dinner theatre a great form of live event.

1. Unlike traditional theatre, a W...

March 20, 2018

So you're planning a night out with friends you haven't seen in a while. You're all so busy usually that this night out has been in the works for a month or more and you all really plan to let your hair down. You want a night out that will be Memorable. Fun. Different.


March 14, 2018

We understand that planning a hen party can be stressful. That's why at Whodunnit we take care of everything - dining experience, entertainment and venue hire - so you don't have to!

Make an inspired choice for your best friend's hen party by booking a WHODUNNIT Murder...

March 6, 2018

As a performer, being able to create and build tension during a Murder Mystery event is key to its success. By controlling the different levels of tension throughout the evening you create an event that can be both entertaining and unpredictable with shocking character...

February 27, 2018

'Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story'

An important part of the Titanic story are the clothing statements made by those aboard which we can see in photographs of the time.

What statements were the men & women in first-class making with their choice of clothing...

February 20, 2018

It's been 60 years since the film A Night to Remember was released, a film which explored the survivors accounts of what really happened on the Titanic after she struck the iceberg. The film was based on a brilliant book by Walter Lord, whom we pay tribute to in this b...

February 14, 2018

At 'Whodunnit' we love a good mystery. Here we solve the mystery of how Saint Valentine's bones came to be in a small church in our home city of Glasgow...

In 1868, a wealthy French family made a donation to the the Franciscan church: a small wooden box labeled “Corpus...

February 6, 2018

100 years ago today (6th Feb), the U.K. passed the Representation of People Act 1918 which allowed women over 30 who owned property to vote for the very first time. 

In today's blog we share seven facts you may not known about one of the Titanic's most famous and belove...

January 30, 2018

The sinking of the Titanic on April 15th 1912 was a disaster that resonated around the world. News of the tragedy was met with shock in Scotland, which was home to several passengers and crew, and was a world centre for the shipbuilding industry.

In this blog, we take a...

January 23, 2018

It's always scary venturing into the unknown in life. Creating something bold and distinctive which others might appreciate. That was my goal when I started developing my first Murder Mystery script around 5 months ago. Yesterday I published the event listing on Eventb...

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