Please note that due to the uncertainties created by COVID-19, we are regrettably not able to accept any private or corporate event enquiries for the foreseeable future. 

We have chosen not to offer private virtual events as an alternative to our live events, though you can check out our online murder mystery video series in our blog here.

Murder on Titanic!

Twenty minutes after R.M.S. Titanic collides with an iceberg mid-Atlantic, a young crew member is murdered on deck... but Whodunnit?

The arrogant Colonel John Jacob Rhinebeck IV or his young ingenue wife Madeleine? The 'unsinkable' Molly Brown or the mysterious Officer Moody?

Don't Kill the Bride!


Cassie (The Bride) wants a traditional wedding, but Gordon (The Groom) wants to give Cassie an experience that is truly 'out of this world'. Meanwhile, Hugo (The Best Man) has to contend with Tara (The Exotic Dancer from the Stag Party) who gatecrashes the wedding with intentions of her own... Wedding planning can be murder!

murder by a long-shot!

An enthralling day's horse racing is cut short when a body is found.

Four suspects emerge: a Racehorse Owner, a Jockey, a Pundit and a Protester. What links them? A racehorse called 'Fiftyshadesofhay'.

Now you and the racehorse syndicate are invited to crack the case before collecting your winnings!


In October 1783, a sinister secret society of crooks, swindlers and cheats meet for a night of drunken revelry.  

As the villains of 'Hell Club' swap devilish tales and toast each other's wickedness, one rogue moves in for the kill...


"Look Out, They're Behind You!"


Pantomime meets Murder Mystery as the Clydeside Repertory Amateur Players attempt to stage their hilariously ill-fated Festive production.

Featuring celebrity influencer Kandy Kane, actor & luvvie Lawrence Willoughby, the irrepressibly Christmas-daft Holly Day & hard boiled detective Jack Diamond.


Can you solve the murder at dalrymple hall?

Roderick Prendergast, a wealthy undertaker, was murdered at Dalrmyple Hall on Halloween three years ago. Now you are invited to solve the cold case...with a little help from the spirit world!

A Fete Worse Than Death!



The popular Gallowfield Community Fete is rocked when a local celebrity is murdered...but Whodunnit?

This colourful & fun Spring / Summer Murder Mystery features the jolly Reverend Jock Daniels, local boy made good Dick Daniels, steadfast Health & Safety Officer Timothy Quest, saucy baker Mary Cherry & eco-warrior / palm reader Clair Vine / Voyant as suspects.



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