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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Your WHODUNNIT would be based around a fictitious event that causes the ‘suspects’ and guests to be at your chosen venue. As your Murder Mystery unfolds, your guests will be enjoying a meal or afternoon tea while being entertained by our team of professional actors who form the gallery of suspects, murder victim and lead detective! 

Guests will tread the crime scene, question the suspects and an intriguing array of visual clues will be displayed in the evidence booklet. At the conclusion of the event, those wishing to sum up their case are invited to do so before all is revealed…


Contact us for your unique Event Proposal by emailing or call 07982 602 327.


Do we have to roleplay?

NO! Unlike other murder mystery companies we do not force our guests to play characters. Our cast play the roles in the drama and you are free to get involved up to a level you feel comfortable with. The more extrovert and outgoing in your group will interrogate the suspects face to face with their team's questions and challenge them on their motives, alibis and relationships etc, whilst others are free to watch the action from a discrete distance, eavesdropping on characters conversations and studying the clues in the evidence booklets.


What is the duration?

Where do you offer these events?

We recommend a typical murder mystery night last approximately two and a half - three hours and can be daytime or evening events.

We have no set venues, enabling you to choose when and where to stage your murder mystery. Murder Mystery events can be staged in a variety of venues and we would be thrilled to research some options for you, no matter how wild your suggestions! Some options include hotels, castles, museums, bars, trains, boats, schools, church crypts, offices, clubs, farms, marquees, restaurants and other social venues. We operate in one private function room / performance space and do not require a 'stage' area.

Number of guests?

Due to the interactive nature of events, we recommend a maximum of approximately 120. We have arranged private entertainment for as few as four guests though would recommend that smaller groups consider booking onto our public events. Get in touch to discuss the most suitable option for your group.


Private bookings are negotiated individually, with the main factors being location, date, duration and number of participants.


Contact us - or call on 0798 260 2327 to discuss a booking.

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