New Year Resolution #1 Spend more time with booking a Murder Mystery!

I'd like to suggest a way you can achieve a top New Year resolution - how to make sure you get to spend more time with friends in 2018...

A Murder Mystery event is the perfect way to spend time friends, family or work-mates all year round.

Think about it. By booking a Murder Mystery event a few weeks/months in advance, you guarantee a night out with your besties will happen. And that it'll be exciting, different & unpredictable in all the right ways.

Let's face it, keeping in touch via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, gaming, text, email is not giving us quality time with friends.

An average pub crawl with music blasting, phones out and everyone getting sozzled, or the odd catch up over coffee here and there rarely inspires the most interesting chat or memorable time with friends.

Cinema + Mates + 3 hours staring at a big screen = No chat.

Or what about going to a large-scale arena gig, with it's big price tag and overwhelming crowd size? Don't think so...

That's why a Murder Mystery event, which has to be kept small-scale and low-key in order for the interactivity to work, is the perfect choice for a night out with friends/family/partner/date/work mates.

WHODUNNIT's Murder Mystery events spark lively discussion and unexpected connections amongst the groups of people who come to see us.

Guests enjoy a three-course meal and share in a live experience which allows them to flex their problem-solving, people-watching skills. Everyone around the table can question the suspects (played by professional actors of course!) and contribute to the final verdict which could result in a memorable win for their team.

At a WHODUNNIT Event, everyone brings something to the party.

I couldn't be prouder of my team's ambition to offer dynamic & stylish Murder Mystery events which give people all over Glasgow & beyond the chance to have a proper night out with their besties!

Happy 2018 everyone, we can't wait to socialise with you!

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