7 Skills Every Actor Develops by Performing in Murder Mystery Events

WHODUNNIT Events will soon be casting actors for our upcoming events in Spring/Summer 2018 which we are pretty excited about. But why should an actor consider working for a Murder Mystery company like Whodunnit?

Here are 7 skills every actor/actress develops by performing in Murder Mystery dinner entertainment events:

1. Improvisational Skills - "I'm not making this up as I go along, I swear!"

If you're thinking of starting your own improv group, working as a stand-up comedian/comedienne or generally looking to improve your connection with the audience as an actor, there's no better place to start than Murder Mysteries. Far from passive spectators, your audience will be participants in the unfolding drama, particularly when you are answering their questions/requests during the interrogation round as your character.

2. Communication skills - "You were heard talking loudly with others in the vicinity of the crime!"

As a Murder Mystery actor you need to adapt how you project your voice to suit your surroundings which change with each event. At times you'll be addressing the whole room, at other times it'll be just one table of guests. As you're speaking your lines the guests will be writing down your words on the off chance that it leads to a vital clue to help their team win, so clarity and volume are a must. You may also be asked to perform using an accent, so confidence with this goes a long way.

3. Physicality - "What were your movements on the night of the murder?"

Your character might be guilty of murder, and their every action and expression must be easily read from tables 1-16 within different venues in order for teams to work out youdunnit!

4. Time Management - "I am prepared for questioning, Officer"

Our Murder Mystery actors aren't onstage for the whole evening, they have time in between courses which is best used to brush up on their characters backgrounds and answers for the questioning round, so being able to manage your time effectively backstage during the event is key.

5. Time Keeping - "Why were you not at work on the day the murder took place?"

We have strict timings which are worked out between us and the venue before each event to ensure the guests are given the best service possible, so it's essential that our actors have excellent time keeping skills so that they aren't late for the lineup!

6. Adaptability - "I couldn't have been where you say, because I was here!"

Places we may perform Murder Mystery events include hotels, restaurants, castles, museums, bars, trains, boats, schools, church crypts, offices, clubs, farms, marques and other social venues. So needless to say, two events are never the same and our actors must adapt confidently to their crime scene!

7. Teamwork - "Did you have any accomplices?"

As a cast of actors we enjoy sparking off of each other while entertaining the guests, particularly during our quick fire round of questioning with all suspects on the floor. For us, as actors, the enjoyment we have in performing in these mini-productions is key because if we are enjoying our performance it generally makes the event much more fun for the guests.

We are casting paid Male/Female roles for our Spring/Summer 2018 events, if you would like to express an interest in joining our cast or have any questions, please email us at info@whodunnitevents.co.uk. Our relaxed audition will be held on Thursday 8th February from 5pm-7pm at Tron Theatre, get in touch if you'd like an audition slot!

Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HB:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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