Venturing into the Unknown: Preparing for 'Murder on the Titanic!'

It's always scary venturing into the unknown in life. Creating something bold and distinctive which others might appreciate. That was my goal when I started developing my first Murder Mystery script around 5 months ago. Yesterday I published the event listing on Eventbrite. So it's official, this is going to happen. Yikes, I can't wait!

We have booked a gorgeous city centre venue on April 14th 2018, the Tearooms within Butterfly & The Pig on Bath Street, Glasgow:

The menu dazzles from start to finish and is worth the ticket price of £40 alone...more details on our Eventbrite page.

Although I have five years experience of performing in Murder Mystery events, and nearly 10 years experience of professional acting, this is the first time I am offering an event which I have developed the script and acted as Event Coordinator on. That's what makes this such an exciting venture for me and I'm sure it will be lots of fun on the night.

I feel privileged to have so many actors expressing an interest in working with us since promoting our casting event on 8th February which is coming up soon, places are still available and I'm confident that we'll be working with some of the finest acting talent in Scotland for our events.

I am particularly thrilled with the response from acting students/graduates as I think these events offer the perfect way to boost skill sets and help young actors build rapport with audiences.

In the last five months I've developed the script and shared it with friends who gave me some constructive, positive feedback; attended lots of Business Gateway workshops and met my adviser Lynne; created this website & social media channels, started promoting our casting/event dates. So I believe that when it comes to running a successful Murder Mystery company, the event itself is only the tip of the iceberg...

Limited tickets available, book early to avoid disappointment! We launch on Saturday April 14th, 2018.

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