Costuming 'Murder on the Titanic!'

'Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story'

An important part of the Titanic story are the clothing statements made by those aboard which we can see in photographs of the time.

What statements were the men & women in first-class making with their choice of clothing aboard the ship? How did the crew members dress when they weren't being crew members? And when passengers were asked to dress warmly and meet on the top deck to be loaded into life boat, what dressing decisions were made?

These are some of the questions we've considered while researching and purchasing costumes for our upcoming Murder Mystery event 'Murder on the Titanic'. Take a sneak peek at some of our costuming decisions below:

Left and right:

The combination of the hat & overall outfit

make up the costume for Officer Moody!

Left and right:

An authentic blouse, satin belt

& dress make up Molly Brown's


Also notice the fur lined

coat on the right and purse/brooch

which were bought from

Starry, Starry Night vintage shop in Glasgow's West End!

Left and right: A suit for the richest man

aboard Titanic and one of our key suspects, Colonel John Jacob Rhinebeck!

Check out the Edwardian wing-tip collar

in the shirt on the right. We'll also add a white waist coat, suit trousers and a bow tie to complete the look.

Left and right: The simple, understated yet elegant costume for another suspect Mrs Madeleine Rhinebeck!

We'll add various accessories such as gloves, necklace, purse, hair ribbon and a parasol to complete the look.

Check out our Eventbrite page for the latest updates on our April event - Murder on the Titanic!

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