How to Add a Twist to your Night Out...

So you're planning a night out with friends you haven't seen in a while. You're all so busy usually that this night out has been in the works for a month or more and you all really plan to let your hair down. You want a night out that will be Memorable. Fun. Different.

You want a twist on the usual 'catch up over drinks'.

After reading this blog you decide to book tickets for a WHODUNNIT Murder Mystery event. Here are the five reasons that seal the deal for you & your friends:

1. Each event is facilitated by costumed cast of professional actors with a deft understanding of how to improve your group's experience during each event - how to make you feel complicit in the unfolding drama you are witnessing and involve you and friends up to a point you are comfortable with, so you and your friends are in very safe hands.

2. The chance to question the characters you have been introduced to earlier in the evening and read about in the evidence booklets. As part of a fully interactive experience you can handle the potential 'murder weapons' and ask our potential 'murderers' any question you feel will help you solve the crime. We'll be playing on your expectations, guaranteeing an unpredictable & stimulating few hours.

3. You have to pool your knowledge and resources as a team. If you don't know something, someone else on the team probably does, so it really encourages conversation and your night out takes on a different dynamic because of it.

4. As a team you have to submit your verdict which includes WHODUNNIT, why and which weapon was used. Trying to get a whole group to agree on those three elements is a really interesting situation that you wouldn't normally find yourself in! The winning combination means a prize for your team.

5. The kitchens in each venue we work in match our interactivity, imagination & flair with a menu that equally dazzles from start to finish. Food is an important element of the evening and we want to ensure you are satisfied with the courses on offer, that's why we share the menus with each event we publish on Eventbrite and ask for your dietary requirements beforehand.

Book tickets now for Murder on the Titanic! at the Butterfly & The Pig on Bath St. Glasgow on April 21st 2018, limited tickets available here, book early to avoid disappointment!

We hope to add a twist to your perfect night out soon!

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