You are invited to dine n' solve the crime! Celebrating Dinner-Theatre on #WorldTheatreDay

We love food. Like seriously, love it. But sometimes we want a little more from dining out than simply meat, veg and some pretty surroundings.On World Theatre Day, we take a look at what makes dinner theatre a great form of live event.

1. Unlike traditional theatre, a WHODUNNIT dinner-experience includes natural breaks in the flow of the drama so that you, our guest, can sit back and socialise with friends. You may chat about which characters you feel are the most suspicious, which questions you will ask the characters during the questioning round or potential clues in the evidence booklet.

2. A WHODUNNIT dinner-theatre event is all about interactivity & engagement. You are able to break the fourth wall and talk to the suspects, questioning them on their motives, alibis and relationships. This attests to the talent of our professional actors and the immersive nature of the events we love to offer.

3. Ever been to the theatre and been distracted by someone's belly rumbling? They should get themselves along to a WHODUNNIT dinner-theatre evening. Not only do you experience the same thrills, drama & intrigue that a normal night of theatre offers, but you also dine from a fabulous menu curated by our Event Coordinator & the venue to satisfy your group's tastebuds.

4. At the end of the evening you and your team must come to a collective decision on WHODUNNIT, why and which weapon was used, providing a real opportunity to engage with the drama you've witnessed and investigate the characters motives thoroughly.

If only ordinary theatre provided the same opportunities that this vastly underrated form of live event has to offer!

Book tickets now for Murder on the Titanic! at the Butterfly & The Pig on Bath St. Glasgow on April 21st 2018, limited tickets available here, book early to avoid disappointment!

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