3 Lessons I've Learned While Planning Our First Two Murder Mystery Events

Now that the curtain has drawn on our first two events this month as a company, I've been reflecting on how we did as a team & how I can learn from mistakes and measure our successes.

1. "Planning without action is futile. Action without planning is fatal."

When I decided to release tickets three months ago on Eventbrite for our first ever event, you can imagine how I felt. Three months didn't feel like a long enough time for everything I needed to manage - finding a cast of 6+ talented & adaptable actors, selling 35 tickets at £35-40 each without having any reviews/photos, learning how to promote myself and our events on the newly created business website & social media channels, learning how to book-keep, purchasing all costumes & props, booking rehearsal time, ordering & distributing marketing materials, the list goes on and on.

The Battle Plan by Kevin McCallister in Home Alone...

I needed to plan my time carefully by using a diary which carries so much weight it could be used as a potential murder weapon in one of our Murder Mystery events... While navigating around my part-time job through the week it became vital that my free-time was put to best use so that all of the above tasks were plotted along a realistic timeline in the run up to April 14th and they could all be put into action and become achievements rather than goals.

2. "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."

Our first Murder Mystery event Murder on the Titanic! was actually seven months in the making. From the initial efforts with writing the script, to letting my partner read over it, testing it out with friends at a small get together over dinner, to sharing it with the cast of actors, getting it on it's feet at rehearsals & presenting it at our first two events for just over 70 guests. The whole team's feedback has been vital in shaping and structuring the event. I wanted to create a puzzle that guests would want to crack, an event which felt as stimulating as it was entertaining. Our guests feedback is so important to help us track how close we are to achieving this.

3. "Always give people more than they expect to get."

I'm over the moon that 70+ guests bought tickets to our events this month, and am still surprised by how engaged and considerate our guests were. Guests wanted to enjoy our events as much as we wanted to provide a great night for them which made our job so much easier.

I'm particularly impressed that our guests trusted us to deliver a memorable & entertaining night out for their friends and families given we had no reviews & few photos to show guests what to expect.

I felt that our guests deserved to have their faith in a small, new, local arts team rewarded. It was the least I could do to hand-write around 25 thank-you cards for each individual team who participated and also offer each team a small box of chocolates. It was only a small token of our appreciation, but I think we should always give people more than they expect to get.

We can't wait to entertain at our next event on Thursday May 24th 2018 at the Rotunda Bar & Diner in Glasgow! The venue are providing a themed three-course meal which you can read about here. We promise an immersive Murder Mystery experience unlike any other! Tickets available here.

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