Why we're listing our 2019 events on Design My Night

It's perhaps too early to talk about New Year's resolutions, isn't it?

Well, at Whodunnit, we've decided to jump the gun, so to speak, and make a big change when it comes to how future guests discover our Murder Mystery events online and where they can book their tickets.

Our guests have been at the heart of our decision, as you can read below...

In 2019 we want to offer tiered ticketing to our guests with young families can also join in the Murder Mystery fun without having to pay for adult tickets all round.

We want to reach out to new audiences across Scotland who are looking for a vibrantly alternative experience for their group of friends or family, though might not yet be aware of Whodunnit Murder Mystery events.

We want to be recognised alongside the best & most unique events taking place in Scotland.

We would like offer our guests an overview of all of our events throughout 2019 on one handy online page so that they can plan ahead and decide which events take their fancy.

That's why we're going with a brand new ticketing platform for 2019: Design My Night

Design My Night delivers the best of Glasgow to your inbox through it's regular newsletters and the most eye-catching events are sometimes published by newspapers such as The Guardian & The Telegraph.

Design My Night will create a new playground for Whodunnit Events where guests can discover our events and join our quest to bring quality alternative entertainment to Scotland's communities.

Tickets for our first event of 2019: Panto-Crime! At the Avonbridge Hotel in Hamilton, are available here.

Email us your feedback at info@whodunnitevents.co.uk and thanks for reading!

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